Group tour:
  • DIY foods
  • Explorer of ecology protection-Ecology Village
  • Discover I- Mei's collection of historical relics
  • Experience the fun of antique toys
  • An introduction to our production facilities
  • Visit the I- Mei store
  • Food and drink services
  • Venue rental
  • Designated tour guides

Professional tour:

  • Education in ecology protection
  • Education of food hygienic safety
  • Seminars for different groups

Individual tour:

  • You are welcome to visit on your own


DIY items:
  • Cake painting
  • Cookie master
  • DIY fruit crisp
  • DIY small cake
  • Festival DIY: sweet dumplings, traditional dumplings, moon cakes, gingerbread cakes
  • Making toys


  • Open all year round
  • Food DIY plus Tour guide: roughly 2 hours needed
  • 14G00~15G30 every Sunday. Family or individual DIY (Please make reservations 3 days in advance)

Activity approach

  • Better to reserve activities one week earlier
  • Fees will be charged in accordance with DIY items
  • To cater quality of activities, 12 to 100 an echelon is better
  • To ensure quality activities, groups should consist of 15 to 100 persons.
  • We welcome schools, community groups, and families to come to the factory