We sincerely invite you to visit us and have fun in every activity and service we offer:
  • Individual, family
  • School, child-care center
  • Industrial and commercial groups
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  • Tourist groups
  1. National Highway One (Yat-sen Freeway) exit at Nankan interchange,and head for Jhuwei direction, pass by the Diamond Shopping Mall for about 1 km, turn right at the South Public Road, straight ahead 300 meters.
  2. National Highway III (Second Northern Freeway) National Road on the 2nd (the road connecting the airport) National Highway One (Yat-sen Freeway) follow-up routes are the same as 1.
  1. Taoyuan Train Station Taoyuan Passenger "Taoyuan - Nankan - Jhuwei" or "Taoyuan - Taoyuan International Airport, " get off at Sijhou station and turn right at South Public Road for 5 mins to arrive at the destinatoin.
  2. Take the free shuttle bus to Taoyuan High Speed Rail Station and then transfer to Taoyuan Passenger "Taoyuan - Nankan - Jhuwei," or "Taoyuan - Taoyuan International Airport."
    (Take a taxi from Taoyuan High Speed Rail Stationabout NT$ 300 dollars)
  3. Take Kuo-Kuang's Chung Hsing Bus or ATON Passenger, "Songshan Airport Taoyuan International Airport" stop along the way Jung-hsing Gardens, the Hsing Tien Temple, Mingchuang West Road (alongside Mingchuang East Road), San De Hotel, Jiuquan Street drop at "Sijhou Station" and turn right at South Public Road, keep walking for 5 minutes to the destination.
  4. Take CitiAir Bus "Taipei City (West Line) Taoyuan International Airport" stop at Imperial Hotel, Ambassador Hotel, Grand Formosa Regent Hotel, Sheraton Hotel,Taipei Railway Station, Fortuna Hotel, drop at "Sijhou Station" and turn right at South Public Road, keep walking for 5 mins to the destination.
  • Address: Lujhu Township, Taoyuan County, South Public Road, Section 1 No. 11
  • Phone:03-3222709 / 03-3117525
  • Customer Service Hotline: 0800-255999
  • Fax: 03-3112131
  • Business Hours:07:00~22:30(Open for free all through the year)
  • Food DIY:09G30~17G00 Monday to Sunday (other times may also be arranged)